How Can I Relieve My Pregnancy Leg Cramps?

leg pain during pregnancy
leg pain during pregnancy

Why Do Painful Leg Cramps Sometimes Happen During Pregnancy?

In their second and third trimesters, lower leg cramps are common in pregnant women, frequently occurring in the middle of the night.

"Charley horses" is the nonclinical term for excruciating cramps in the calf muscles, but experts are unsure of the cause. Fortunately, charley horses are typically only temporary even though they can be very painful.

What Can Help Ease Leg Cramps?

Try these suggestions if you're pregnant and experiencing leg cramps:
  • Before going to bed, stretch your calves to avoid cramps. But when you're stretching, avoid pointing your toes.
  • When you experience a cramp, extend your foot and straighten your leg. The muscle may become more relaxed with a light calf massage.
  • Aim to consume a large amount of liquids throughout the day.
  • Get frequent exercise if your doctor says it's okay. It can help lessen cramping.
See your doctor if taking more calcium or magnesium could be beneficial for you. Consult your physician before taking any supplements while you are expecting.

When Should I Call the Doctor?

In case of leg pain, contact your doctor immediately.
  • doesn't ease
  • is severe
  • occurs in conjunction with leg oedema, warmth, or redness, as well as difficulty walking


Why do pregnant women get leg cramps?

Variations in blood circulation and the strain of carrying additional weight on your leg muscles

Is it safe to stretch your legs during pregnancy?

Stretching might not be recommended for certain individuals with high-risk pregnancies or pregnancy problems.

How should I sleep to prevent leg pain during pregnancy?

To allow room for your feet and legs to move, keep your bedding loose.

What month do you get leg pain during pregnancy?

second and third trimesters

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